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How to install recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting gives a dramatic effect to the room. Thinking about installing recessed lighting but don’t have enough knowledge for installation? No worries, it’s really simple you just need to take care of few important things. There are few questions and their answers are important to know, like how many pot lights do I need to illuminate my room in proper manner? What will be the layout of lighting and how I’ll come to know about that? How I’ll create a proper blue print?

Now we need to proceed towards the answers of these important questions. For answers we need a plan for recessed light installation. So first you need to draw complete plan.

Draw a lighting plan:

To place the lights on right spots you need to take proper and correct measurement of your room. Once you’ll done with the measurement you need to work on number of lights and wattage required to brighten your room. This is what your first question was, how many pot lights do I need? There are a lot of recessed/pot light calculators available online you can take help of them and in seconds they will calculate this for you. Same will happen for the layout, you need to know the distance between 2 lights and distance between lights and wall, distance between light to wall will be half of the distance between 2 lights. Means you just need to calculate the distance between 2 lights and you’ll get the answer of your second question.

Now create the blue print with the help of the calculation. For blue print you need to draw your room (roof/ceiling area) now as per calculation start pointing the area where you need to add the light. Once you add all required number of lights in the drawing your blue print is ready. Now first 2 questions the layout and how many pot lights do I need for a room is done. Move ahead to installation process.

What type of lights required?

Well you’ll think if you are using recessed lights so why this question? Well there are a lot of trims and housings comes with recessed lighting. I’ll suggest you to use baffle trim as this will provide a wide and full beam of light.

What kind of wring is required?

You need to check your existing wiring, is this aluminum or copper? Whatever the existing wiring use the same for recessed lighting to avoid any problem. If you don’t know about the wiring contact a qualified electrician, he can tell you what type of wiring you already have.

Now for installation you need to put the answer of how many pot lights do I need. As you already draw the blue print or installation map so move forward with installation.

By installation map identify the location of each map in ceiling. Make holes in the ceiling at the same point where you were planning to place the light. The hole size should be 1/4-inch. Make an opening for housing. Pull cable from the power source towards the first pot/recessed light. Leave at least of 18 inch wire hanging from the ceiling. After wire the first light with the power source lead the cable towards second light. Install and mount the trim and housing according to the manufacture’s manual. After installing the fixture screw in the light bulb.

Now turn on the power and see how recessed lighting illuminates your room.


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